Introducing Stratus

The World's First Intelligent Faucet & Cloud-Connected
Water Filtration System

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Stratus by Zuvo Water is the world’s first intelligent, cloud-connected faucet and water filtration system that communicates with your smartphone and redefines the home hydration experience.

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putting water back in the cloud

More Than a Carbon Filter

The Zuvo Water Filtration System is unique. It goes beyond simple carbon filtration, by combining ultraviolet light (UV), ozone, and a carbon filter in a patented five-step process.

Smartphone App

The STRATUS WiFi communication allows delivery to your smartphone of information about your Zuvo system including remaining filter life, Cloud data that empowers regional filter customization and daily household water-consumption.

Faucet Portfolio

STRATUS includes innovative designed and styled, intelligent faucets. The intelligent, touch-sensing faucets not only turn on the filtered water but also show users the status of the system with LED indicators.


Zuvo Water is 100% committed to reducing the global consumption of bottled water and raising consciousness about the value of water.

The result is the world’s first cloud-connected, intelligent drinking-water system right in your home that installs on your countertop or underneath your sink.

About Us

Headquartered in Reno, NV, Zuvo Water LLC is the global innovator of intelligent, cloud-connected, water-filtration products; redefining the hydration experience in the home. Zuvo Water’s mission is to restore consumers’ confidence in their tap water and offer a better
alternative to bottled water; thereby providing cost savings, convenience and care for the environment. For more information visit


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